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Aerial Lift Parts

Aerial Lift Parts - Aerial lift trucks are able to accommodate many duties involving high and hard reaching places. Sometimes used to carry out daily repair in buildings with elevated ceilings, trim tree branches, raise heavy shelving units or fix phone cables. A ladder might also be used for many of the aforementioned jobs, although aerial platform lifts offer more security and stability when correctly used.

There are a lot of designs of aerial lifts existing on the market depending on what the task required involves. Painters often use scissor aerial jacks for instance, which are classified as mobile scaffolding, useful in painting trim and reaching the 2nd story and above on buildings. The scissor aerial hoists use criss-cross braces to stretch and extend upwards. There is a platform attached to the top of the braces that rises simultaneously as the criss-cross braces lift.

Cherry pickers and bucket trucks are a further version of the aerial hoist. Typically, they contain a bucket at the end of a long arm and as the arm unfolds, the attached bucket platform rises. Platform lifts utilize a pronged arm that rises upwards as the lever is moved. Boom lifts have a hydraulic arm which extends outward and elevates the platform. All of these aerial hoists have need of special training to operate.

Training courses offered through Occupational Safety & Health Association, known also as OSHA, cover safety steps, machine operation, repair and inspection and machine load capacities. Successful completion of these education courses earns a special certified certificate. Only properly certified individuals who have OSHA operating licenses should drive aerial hoists. The Occupational Safety & Health Organization has developed guidelines to uphold safety and prevent injury while utilizing aerial hoists. Common sense rules such as not using this piece of equipment to give rides and making sure all tires on aerial platform lifts are braced in order to prevent machine tipping are noted within the guidelines.

Sadly, statistics show that in excess of 20 operators pass away each year while running aerial hoists and 8% of those are commercial painters. Most of these accidents are due to improper tire bracing and the hoist falling over; therefore many of these deaths had been preventable. Operators should make certain that all wheels are locked and braces as a critical safety precaution to stop the machine from toppling over.

Other guidelines include marking the surrounding area of the device in a visible manner to safeguard passers-by and to ensure they do not approach too close to the operating machine. It is vital to ensure that there are also 10 feet of clearance between any utility lines and the aerial hoist. Operators of this equipment are also highly recommended to always wear the proper safety harness when up in the air.

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